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11 April 2011 @ 02:47 pm
"Would you be happy with a Cho Kyuhyun in your life?"  
Author: prettylynlyn
Genre: Romance; Mostly Fluff! <3.
Pairings: Sooyoung-Sungmin; Sungmin-Sunny; Kyuhyun-Sooyoung
A/N: Purely fluff. hahaha. Can't have any more words to describe it.
Hope you like it.

"Sooyoung! Wanna come with us?" Sunny shouted as she was fixing her hair infront of the mirror in their living room.
"With whom?" The leggy brunette then made his way towards SNSD's energy pill.
"Sungmin. We are going out to eat. Wanna join us?"
"I'd rather not. I will still practice my steps with our dance battle due on 15th." Sooyoung reasoned out as she went back to her room.
Sooyoung could not blame Sunny for saying such hurting words. Nobody knew that he like (crash that) LOVE the Sweet Pumpkin of Super Juniors. Eversince Chunji Radio days, she loved the short man. She loved how he called her Soong and she called him Ming. She loved how they would eat together almost every day and pull pranks at each other. She loved how Sungmin, being the one bullied in Super Junior, bullies her, the one bullying the SNSD girls.
But the sad fact is he was everything to her, and she was just his little sister.
동생으로만 생각하지는 말아
Dongsaengeuroman saenggakhajineun mara (Don't think of me just as a younger sister)

This was her line in the song Oh! to whom he intentionally picked to dedicate to none other than Lee Sungmin himself.
Sungmin loved Sunny.
That is an understatement of the century as they announced their relationship in public and still continued being in it for almost a year now.
"Why can't he loved me back?"
Sooyoung kept asking herself. She, then, changed into his dancing clothes and proceeded to the practice room. She started dancing and dancing until she stopped to catch up with her normal breathing.
She took her break; drank water from her bottle and found herself laughing.
"I'm so miserable. Working my ass off while Sunny is happy with Sungmin. Why can't I just be happy for them?"
"Why can't I just be happy without Lee Sungmin in my life?" she asked herself.
"Would you be happy with a Cho Kyuhyun in your life?"

She looked at the entrance and saw Kyuhyun; her mortal enemy standing and smiling at her.

A/N: Should I have a part 2? I guess so. *winks
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prettylynlynprettylynlyn on April 11th, 2011 08:23 am (UTC)
Yeah, tomorrow. I promise!
After my duty.

Thanks for reading. (: