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17 September 2010 @ 07:56 pm
She is the reason  

Title: She is the reason
Pairing: Sooyoung/ Kyuhyun
Genre: Fluff, Romance
A/N: This is my first KyuYoung one-shot fic ever. So, bear with me. Please leave your comments even if it is an EPIC FAIL.


Super Juniors were all present to meet the new addition to their big SM family. They have to welcomed So Nyuh Shi Dae; a girl group consisting of nine members. One by one the girls started introducing themselves. Kyuhyun, as always, was bored and was not in the mood to listen to long introductions when suddenly a tall brunette caught his attention. “Good morning, I am Choi Sooyoung. I am happy to be part of this family.”


Yeah, She is the reason why Kyuhyun love SM Entertainment.

            “Yah, CHOI SOOYOUNG. You stupid shikshin. Stop eating my kimchi.” a short girl shouted. Kyuhyun watched in amazement as the two started fighting and running. They were sharing a big dressing room with SNSD. The short girl was supposed to be the leader but Kyuhyun could not remember her name even after 4 months. All he could remember is the tall brunette’s name CHOI SOOYOUNG.


Yeah, She is the reason Kyuhyun cannot remember Kim Taeyeon’s name.

            Heechul started reviewing things and concepts for their concert. Kyuhyun, on the other hand, was in the mood for singing and not dancing. But his heenim insisted that they would practice their dance moves. “What’s that again? Where gonna make a GEE parody? Who am I gonna parody in SNSD?” asked Ryeowook curiously. “I have assigned you already. You will be practicing with them today.”

            “Hyung, can I exchange places with you?” begged Kyuhyun as he showed his puppy eyes. “Why?” asked Sungmin. “You looked good portraying Sunny since you two are the Aegyo masters. And I looked good portraying Sooyoung since we are both tall and good looking.” answered Kyuhyun. But his evil mind is rationalizing another thought. The simple thought of “And I wanna see her long legs today.”


Yeah, She is the reason why Cho Kyuhyun had an evil smirk on his face.

“What are you doing, hyung? Who gave you the permission?” asked Kyuhyun as Shindong was using his laptop and was lying on his bed. “Donghae said you were busy and since my laptop is with Nari, I need to use yours.” explained his hyung. Kyuhyun sighed and he made his way to his closet and started fixing his clothes. Later on, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Heechul and Siwon entered his room. “Cho Kyuhyun… What the…” Leeteuk exclaimed and the other boys started laughing. “TOP SEARCH on Kyuhyun’s laptop: CHOI SOOYOUNG.” Eunhyuk announced loudly. “YAH! HOW DID YOU FOUND OUT?” said Kyuhyun as he snatched his laptop from Shindong’s hands.


Yeah, She is the reason of Kyuhyun’s embarrassment to his Super Junior hyungs.

            Kyuhyun was resting on their hotel room in Japan as they were staying there for their concert. He can’t believe that they would stay there for 3 days. Other members were busy. But, he decided to stay on his room. He wanted to perform in Music bank or any music shows today just to see the tall Shikshin. He missed seeing the long-haired brunette dancing to Gee with her cute expression and good vocal singing.

            “Would you like to share your problem with hyung, Kyu?” asked Leeteuk as he sat on Kyuhyun’s bed. “I don’t have any, hyung.” Leeteuk gave him a surprised and curious look. “It bothers me to see you thinking deeply, it’s as if you have committed a big mistake.”Leeteuk muttered. “No hyung, I just missed Korea.”


Yeah, She is the reason why for the first time Kyuhyun wanted to go back to Korea as soon as possible.

            It was almost lunch time and Heechul were still demanding the boys to practice. They were all busy for a certain live performance when Kyuhyun overheard Sungmin on the phone. “Yeah, I’ll be meeting you today, Sooyoungie. Don’t bother asking. I’ll take you somewhere special.” muttered Sungmin.

            “Are you meeting Soo today? Where are you taking her?” asked Donghae. “Yeah, she accepted my invitation for lunch. Tell Heenim that I did not eat breakfast this morning and had to go for lunch already.”


Yeah, She is the reason Kyuhyun was jealous of his Sungmin-hyung for the first time even if it was just a lunch date.

            “You and Seohyun will be paired together for the MV since you are both maknae. You both saw SAD MOVIE right? So the two of you will be the lovers in the story.” directed the scriptwriter. “Is there some rule with pairing the maknae?”asked Kyuhyun angrily. “Why, oppa? You don’t wanna be my partner?”muttered Seohyun. Kyuhyun sighed and was not able to complain anymore. He was too disappointed to see Sooyoung and Donghae being paired in the SEOUL MV.

            “Duet with SNSD? What duet?”asked Kyuhyun. “Don’t tell me you’re pairing me with Seohyun again?” The show’s producer nod as a confirmation to his question; he stopped pestering the producer as he felt that plans are pursuing and nothing is going to change it. His being a maknae used to be his advantage that he often used to his Super Junior hyungs; using them to get what he wanted, but at the moment, he felt helpless.


Yeah, She is the reason why he don’t wanna be the maknae anymore.

            Super Juniors met an accident on their way home. Most of the members are injured but it was Cho Kyuhyun that was greatly affected with the accident. Sooyoung volunteered to cancel all her commitments and stay in the hospital. It was already Kyuhyun’s second day in the hospital still on a comatose; when suddenly, his eyes opened. He was so surprised to see Sooyoung. Sooyoung was speechless for a moment but later on, started her long lecture.

“You idiot, why are you like that? Why did you sleep for 2 days? Why did you made me worry? You know how I always tell you to take care of yourself. You know how I always tell you to wear your seatbelt. Why are you not listening to my advice? Why are you doing this to me?” Sooyoung muttered and started sobbing. Kyuhyun smiled and hugging her was all he could do for the moment. She didn’t bother to ask about her questions and complaints again; because the hug was enough to tell her how he was happy to survive.


Yeah, She is the reason he had to survive the accident and continue to live.

            “Oppa, I am tired of this relationship. I am tired of ELFs not agreeing with this relationship. You know how much I need to adjust just so this relationship would work. Even Teacher Lee Sooman do not approve of this.” Sooyoung said while sobbing. “Are you breaking up with me, Soo?” “I think it would be best if I would.” Kyuhyun wanted to hug Sooyoung. He wanted to comfort her to compensate the depression and anger she felt. Sooyoung was about to make her way out of Kyuhyun’s room. “Would you not give me the chance to fix this?” Sooyoung smiled. “It is better if we are like this.” Sooyoung left Kyuhyun still crying.

            “No, Sooyoung. I am not better if you are not in my life.” Kyuhyun muttered. He could not do anything to stop her. He was helpless. It was not a problem if ELFs do not agree with the relationship because as far he knows true fans just want their idol’s happiness. The problem is people around them; Teacher Lee Sooman, for example, do not approve of the relationship. He could not blamed Sooyoung; as he heard from Tiffany, that she was lately receiving threats and weird gifts of skulls, dead mouse and even a knife.


Yeah, She is the reason he is a broken man.

            “Gamekyu, I thought you have an agreement of no public display of affection with Sooyoung?” asked Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk was busy reviewing and watching various fancams for their SM TOWN Concert in Shanghai. “Could you point out to me, hyung, where did I show my affection to Sooyoung?”

            “Look at this. You were helping Sooyoung to make her revenge towards Shindong.” Eunhyuk played the fancam showing Kyuhyun holding and at the same time stopping Shindong and Sooyoung snatching the water bottle from Shindong’s hands and pouring water unto his back.

“That’s not PDA, hyung. We were just enjoying.” explained the maknae. “But it’s the first time, Kyu. You never had other fancams with Sooyoungie. You’re so formal with her when the public is looking.” “Well, I guess, I have nothing to hide.” answered Kyuhyun. He remembered how special that night was for them. It was the first time that Sooyoung told her that her parents wanted to meet him and that Lee Sooman told her he will not do anything to their relationship.


Yeah, She is the reason why Kyuhyun is not afraid of being caught in fancams anymore.

            “Oppa, I’m hungry.” cried Sooyoung as she was begging for food. They were in SM practice room together with the other talents and have been practicing for 4 hours already. “I don’t have food with me, Soo.” answered Kyuhyun after he searched his bag to fulfill his girlfriend’s request. “Then, find one.” shouted Sooyoung. “Don’t shout on me, okay? You know how tired I am. Could you get yourself your own food.” answered Kyuhyun.

            “Then I’m going to Changmin, oppa. I’m sure he have something for me.” muttered Sooyoung as he made his way to Changmin. “Come here, Soo. Are you okay with patbingsoo? I’m gonna buy some outside.” Kyuhyun run outside, as fast as he could, to buy what he had told Sooyoung.


Yeah, She is the reason why Kyuhyun wished he was one of the food god.



            Sooyoung fetched all the letters on their mailbox today. What caught her attention is a pink letter addressed to her. “Who could have sent this?”. She opened the letter and read it.

            Dear Sooyoung,

I want you to come out of your dorm now. I have something to tell you.

                                    -Love, Kyu.

            It was Kyuhyun who sent her the letter. She went outside her dorm and was so shocked to see Kyuhyun bringing a bouquet of roses even if it was snowing heavily. She ran towards him. “Kyu, are you out of your mind? You wanna get sick again?” scolded Sooyoung.

            Instead of answering, Kyuhyun kneeled down unto his knees and opened a small box in front of Sooyoung. “Choi Sooyoung, are you willing to spend a lifetime with me?”

            Sooyoung was so shocked to see a diamond engagement ring in front of her and Kyuhyun kneeling even it was snowing heavily. “Yes, stupid. I want to spend my life with you.” She meets his lips and was already crying. Kyuhyun was so happy that the girl of his dreams finally will live with him happily ever after.


Yeah, She is the reason of his gratitude of still being alive.

            “Kyu dear, can you absent from work today?” asked Sooyoung as she was choosing a dress. “Why Soo, you want me to come with you? Where?” answered Kyuhyun while drinking coffee. It was already 7 months after their marriage and they already have move out from each other’s dorm and had a house on their own.

            “I wanna surprise you but you will soon find out. So, I’m gonna admit it. I’m 3 weeks delayed. I bought a pregnancy kit yesterday and it was positive. I want you to absent from work today because I want you to come with me to the doctor for check up.” muttured Sooyoung. Kyuhyun almost spit his coffee as he heard Sooyoung’s news. He hugged Sooyoung and showed him his happiness.

            It was the happiest moment of his life. Now, he can finally say, he is complete.

Yeah, She is the reason why he was now a fulfilled man.


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ilysuju13ilysuju13 on September 17th, 2010 12:48 pm (UTC)
ilysuju13ilysuju13 on September 19th, 2010 01:51 pm (UTC)
I love this, i thought i commented alr! but my comment went missing

thsi is like <3333333 the way the italics explain everything ^^
prettylynlynprettylynlyn on September 20th, 2010 10:34 am (UTC)
Hahaha.. Thanks so much. :))
dreamoozerdreamoozer on September 17th, 2010 02:45 pm (UTC)
prettylynlynprettylynlyn on September 18th, 2010 03:39 am (UTC)
Thanks. :))
dreamoozerdreamoozer on September 17th, 2010 04:21 pm (UTC)
Oh, and is this sooyoung-shindong-kyuhyun situation a real happening ?? Are there fancams of it ?
prettylynlynprettylynlyn on September 18th, 2010 03:39 am (UTC)
It was really true.
Search on fancams on SM TOWN in Shanghai.
The ending part.
Shindong splashed water on Sooyoung's legs. He ran.
Kyuhyun stopped him so that Sooyoung can take her revenge. :))
flow19flow19 on September 18th, 2010 08:40 am (UTC)
It's a very sweet fic unnie :D
prettylynlynprettylynlyn on September 18th, 2010 09:42 am (UTC)
Thanks, dongsaeng. :))
You inspired me. LOL! :))
Sarahlollygirl16 on September 20th, 2010 06:01 am (UTC)
aww this is really cute, awesome job on your first one-shot :D
prettylynlynprettylynlyn on September 20th, 2010 10:33 am (UTC)
thanks so much.
I'll have my second really soon. :))
danipaperwwings on October 3rd, 2010 07:57 am (UTC)
The hard life that this two have~~
Plus, i love how you wrote this fic!
A conclusion to each small part! ^^
prettylynlynprettylynlyn on October 3rd, 2010 09:46 am (UTC)
Thanks, danie.
You and my other dear dongsaeng inspire me to write this. :))

Thanks for the time reading and commenting on this.