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29 November 2012 @ 07:35 am

I am writing this at 7:am. I havent sleep since this evening.
Kagabi, I slept around 10 am after PBA wednesday game.
But, unfortunately, I woke up due to menstrual cramps. Fvck hormones.
I cant get myself to sleep.
I have so many things in mind.


This maybe one of my weakness.
I overthink, a lot.
Even when I was young, I usually do this.
I dont know why but ganoon ako mag-isip eh.


Tapos, lately this days, I been dreaming of a fanfic.
Mainly focused on a certain girl, her rich status and lovelife.
I think the dream could be cultivated to make a great fanfic.
I am structuring the idea in mind. I am to lazy to write or type it in my laptop.
I also dont know where should I post it.


My heart is kinda on a depressed mode right now.
First and foremost, I have received no good news lately. I dont know. I am just too emotional lately.
Secondly, I can't seem to find any inspiration to be happy. I tried, honestly. I really did. :(
Additionally, I have no one to talk to. My besties are all busy with work and masteral studies and here I am being a stupid BUM.
I dont really get it why cant I find the perfect place for me.
What to do?


What's holding me altogether is my faith to God. I will never lose hope for I know that whatever His plans for me is, I know it is for the better.
Keep the faith. ^^,