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25 December 2011 @ 12:08 am
I had nothing to do for Christmas. :D Hahaha.  
No pun intended.

Credits to: bam-unnie. (who's older?)

[x] You're a very childish, dorky person.
[ ] Your favorite season is winter.
[x] You're the leader-type.
[ ] You love gummy bears.
[x] Your parents are very supportive of you.
[ ] You're on the short side.
[ ] You keep a lot of secrets from your friends, because you feel you would burden them.
[ ] You didn't play with dolls as a kid, but instead, robots, tops, and cars. (I played with board games and other puzzle type toys lol)
[ ] You talk in your sleep.
[ ] You have bad memory.
Total: 3/10 
[x] You cry when you're angry.
[ ] You appear cold at first, but you're actually very sweet.
[ ] You would choose sleeping over eating.
[ ] You are dreadful in the kitchen; you can't cook at all.
[ ] You're from the USA.
[ ] It's VERY difficult to wake you up, and you treasure your sleep time immensely.
[ ] You're popular to the boys.
[ ] You can play soccer well, and also a bit of boxing.
[ ] You have a bad temper.
[ ] You have a younger sister, and you don't think you're a very good older sister to her. 
Total: 1/10
[ ] You're scared of fireworks.  
[x] You enjoy video games and sports.
[ ] You're one of the shortest people.
[ ] You have a lot of aegyo.
[ ] You hate your name.
[ ] You mumble like a puppy in your sleep.
[x] You love sneakers, and prefer them over any other shoe.
[x] You're unorganized, and your room will often be messy.
[ ] You haven't had your first kiss yet.
[ ] You can't cook very well because you're scared of fire and knives.
Total: 3/10
[ ] You're the youngest among your siblings.
[ ] You cry a lot.
[x] You're obsessed with the color pink. 
[ ] You clap your hands when you laugh.
[x] You usually get what you want.
[ ] You're scared of ghosts.
[x] Your voice is very loud, and can be heard over loud music.
[ ] You're scared of babies/kids.
[ ] Your charm and your weakness is your liveliness.
[ ] You're kind to everyone, even people who dislike you. 
Total: 3/10
[x] You're very honest and quirky.
[x] You don't like bothering others with your problems/feelings.
[x] You're obsessive about cleanliness and hygiene.
[ ] You would give up a career for love. 
[x] You make jokes out of lots of things.
[ ] You're a talented dancer, and your power can compare to guys. 
[ ] You're one of the most athletic people out of your friends.
[x] You're an independent person.
[ ] You hate when people sleep with their mouth open.
[ ] You love fast food, but try not to eat too much of it. 
Total: 5/10
[x] When you're focused on something, you don't pay attention to anything else.
[ ] You have a habit of slapping people.
[ ] You act feminine when guys are around.
[ ] not good at math.
[ ] You have a lot of guy friends, and used to/are tomboy-ish.
[x] You love playing pranks on your friends.
[x] You're very flexible.
[ ] You're like the lawyer of your friends because you always need to have your say first.
[ ] You like to make things clean/organized.
[ ] You're scared of elephants.
Total: 3/10
[x] You eat, on average, 6-7 times a day.
[ ] You've never had a boyfriend.
[x] You're a gamer.
[ ] You're the tallest out of your friends.
[ ] You seem to be intimidating, but you're actually quiet and obedient.
[x] You're a friendly, cheerful person.
[ ] You feel that you're not beautiful.
[x] Your motto is: "Let's not procrastinate."
[x] You're a fan of Harry Potter.
[x] You invent cute nicknames for people.
Total: 6/10
[ ] You're considered the prettiest out of your friends.
[ ] You seem quiet and hard to approach, but you're actually quite friendly.
[x] You're the strongest--physically--in your group. 
[x] You love roller coasters.
[ ] You have a unique laugh.
[x] You're a free thinker.
[ ] You don't know how to swim.
[x] You're the queen of midnight snacking.
[ ] If you're upset, you'll voice it out.
[x] You like ballad songs the most.
Total: 5/10
[ ] You love eating sweet potatoes.
[x] You're very skilled with the piano.
[x] You wake up when someone turns on the lights or calls out to you.
[x] You like books and enjoy reading.
[ ] You think guys are gross.
[x] You're fond of wearing headbands.
[ ] You love listening to classical music, or nature's sounds.
[ ] If you're angry, you'll stay quiet.  
[ ] You're an only child.
[x] You're very polite and obedient.
Total: 5/10

So not Jessica. Quite the other girls but my traits are a match to Sooyoung. LOL! My idol.
Quite like Yoona and Seohyun! :D
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